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The Problem With Traditional Capital

Ever wonder what happens to your donation?  We've done the research. Over 70% of all donor dollars go to pay for employee wages. So that $100 you donate to an American non-profit to help build wells in Africa, $70 might go to that American employee, to pay their 80k year salary to administer the program.  This is where the waste in your donations go. 

Invest In Societal Problems, Generate A Return.

Many non-profits that receive public donations pass those donations to other non-profits. Therefore your donation to help solve women homelessness can actually be given to an organization that passes other chocolates to homeless women.  

When you join a, you are combining your donor dollars with 100’s or thousands of others  and collectively deciding exact where to allocate your money.

If a homeless shelter is raising money to buy new beds Instead of giving them money directly, we encourage the chest organizers to buy the beds directly and have them delivered and installed. This eliminates waste and potentially saves upwards of 70% of the donations.  

Every person, company or program that receive money from your chest are required to provide detailed expense reports regarding where the money went and impact statements

This Is How We Work

Industries We Invest In

Don't approach business alone. Approach it with a team of people who are ready to help fund and assist your business. 

(Real estate)

Food Access





ClickChest is a pool of funds earmarked for building digital businesses.  Join us by contributing funds monthly the group.

Participate in the private member’s group and discuss where you would like to see your money invested.

You and every other member in the chest will take part in vetting and deciding which traceable asset to acquire. 

Once a project is selected, help out as much as possible. Sometimes, we can save a lot of money by doing the work ourselves.  Sometimes labor is needed more than money. Your labor contribution increases your share of profits.

Every asset that we acquire reports weekly updates on profitability. 

Quarterly, your percentage of distributable profit is calculated and deposited in your account.

Uniting Our Dollars For Maximum Impact

Together, We Can The Compete In A World Dominated By Big Business.

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